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31 mayo 2010


A castle is not a true castle if it does not have legends that decorate its history.  It is said that in Warwick strange deaths ocurred, and ghosts and spirits roam the rooms. One of these stories is quite recent.

In 1977, during works of remodelling, two painters who worked there, began to hear noises on the ceiling, something similar to steps on their heads. Both men looked for by all the tower but they did not find anybody. In addition they made sure that there were not passages or corridors that communicated the tower with other dependencies of the castle. The case is that one of the painters, Michael Roberts, went to have his lunch and when he returned to work… CHAN CHAN… found his partner lying without life in the place where he had left him only a few minutes before. The painter was taken to the nearest Hospital, with clear symptoms of asphyxia, but there was nothing to do; he had died. His death has never been clarified and although there is no doubt that he died by asphyxia, the murder has never been proved.

During our visit to the Castle of Warwick, a butler with a charmer and full Scottish accent was telling us the mysteries of each room of the castle and the life of the people who, throughout the time has inhabited it.

One of theses stories was about ghosts. In the castle there is a tower, the Watergate Tower, where according to the legend one of its owners, Sir Fulke Greville, was assassinated by a servant in 1628. It is said that the ghost of Greville roams its preferred room of the castle, waiting for the return of its servant and  hoping to fulfill the revenge. Many tourists affirm certainly, they have seen him roaming that way. As if that were not enough, sometimes the moans of a prisoner tortured long ago in the dungeons are heard. Besides these, there are many other stories, some of them about quite recent deaths (centuries XIX and XX), even documented in newspapers. In short, if you visit the Castle of Warwick, in more than an occasion you will notice how your hair stands on end. Not in vain, it served as inspiration so that Oscar Wilde wrote his famous " The Ghost of Canterville".

Finally I show you a very funny plane of the castle.


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